Wednesday, 01 November 2000 23:53

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blogI've never thought of myself as a blogger (and I'm not; really), but it's occurred to me I've written a lot of stuff about a lot of different stuff over the years. After all, I'm a writer first and foremost, and while I don't plan to publish my random thoughts from all around the interwebs, they are, undeniably, out there.

I've had travel journals that I wrote for family and friends while living abroad. They mostly consisted of drunken escapades in Ireland but it certainly entertained the family. I was very dedicated to my training journal for a while after starting Mixed Martial Arts (and will add to it in the future once I'm back on the mats, all the gods willing).

I've got a monstrosity of a Word doc with all of my adapted recipes and fitness diaries, and a history of writing passionate (often excessively outraged or overwhelmingly enthusiastic) reviews and recommendations for books, films and shows that I love or hate. I've got personal stories and random art projects and super helpful thoughts about my favorite subjects, like 3D art, which apparently no one in my immediate social circles actually cares about.

So...while I'm not a "blogger," in the sense of wanting a huge following of strangers getting all invested in my life or brilliant words of wisdom, I seem to have built up a huge range of "bloggish things" over time and figured that, at this point, I might as well consolidate them into one epic collection on my nice new site. So here we are. Enjoy!



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I'm an enthusiastic writer and artist who spends too much time lost in her own imagination. I work as an editor and photographer and am obsessed with ancient mythology, space travel, and little glass and stone trinkets.

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