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Friday, 15 October 2010 07:23

Say Goodbye

imageAny negative reviews that I've seen of this book seem to have little to do with the writing or storyline, but rather people having trouble with the content itself. The plot and characters are extremely disturbing, yes, primarily because they are so realistic. Are the nay-sayers afraid to acknowledge that such horrible things DO in fact happen in this world? I understand that Gardner did not base this story on one true event, but much of the plot is highly reminiscent of the famous abduction cases of Steven Stayner and later Shawn Hornbeck. It's a horrifying psychological study of the effects of long term child abduction and abuse, and it does its job.

I have immense respect for Gardner for not only tackling a highly controversial subject matter, but for doing it in such raw, brutal and devastating fashion that rips your heart out at every turn. If you can handle the harrowing events enough to keep reading, it is one mind-blowing novel. The unapologetic nature of the writing is what makes it so powerful, but admittedly hard for some people to stomach.

The story is told on multiple timelines from multiple points of view, which is not unusual for thrillers but is done in an especially intriguing way here. For much of the book, you aren't sure who is narrating certain chapters (which is the point, because the experiences of the young boys are so interchangeable as the cycle continues), and when things are finally made clear at the end, it's that much sadder. You despise and yet feel so much pity for the characters all at once.

Say Goodbye is far from an easy read and many people will struggle with it or flat out hate its ruthless depiction of real-life horror. But for those of us who appreciate the relentless approach, disturbing and depressing though it may be, this is one hell of a masterpiece and a truly riveting read that is not to be missed.

Tuesday, 05 October 2010 17:22

The Marauders

The Marauders and the adult characters in general, including their backstories, were the absolute highlight of the Harry Potter series for me, and I'm still incredibly bitter that they completely left that huge, highly important part of the story out of the film adaptations.



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