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Tuesday, 27 April 2010 21:40


For the most part, there's just something about this show that puts a smile on my face. The interactions between the characters and the chemistry of the cast are so wonderful, you can't help but adore them. Fantasy often has it the worst in regards to cheese factor, melodramatic dialogue, bad acting and more, especially when it comes to television, but on the whole, Merlin manages to breathe new life into the genre with its lighthearted, joyful and humorous retelling of a classic.


That's not to say that the show is without its flaws. In fact, the end of the series inarguably goes down as one of the worst letdowns in TV history, and let's not forget the fiasco of the first half of Season 3. In spite of that, though, Merlin remains one of my most enjoyed and rewatched series. The writing is clever, the direction and visuals are lovely, the costumes and set design are beautiful and the performances are great overall.

So...what made this show so very wonderful at its best, and what caused it to tank so very hard at its worst? Let's take a look:



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