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Monday, 29 September 2014 19:08

One Ring...

Thanks to this year's medieval fair, all of the fantasy stuff sent me into super geek mode and I now own a beautiful custom ring inscribed with my own personal thoughts about the power of imagination, written in a mixture of Draconic, Viking Runes and Futhark. Hail the mighty ring of creative inspiration!

Saturday, 13 September 2014 13:29

Shapeshifters Anonymous

imageI stumbled across this little gem in the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe collection (Christmas and werewolves; how can you possibly go wrong?) and it is easily the funniest story I've ever read. I was literally doubled over, in tears, laughing so hard that it hurt, from start to finish. The outrageous narrative really shouldn't work but it does. This author has completely won me over with comic creativity. No matter how many times I read this one, I find it just as hilarious and ingenious. It's weird, completely ridiculous and totally over the top...so if you're looking for something more traditional and broody, this certainly isn't for you. But if you can let go and enjoy something for the preposterous, insane ride that it is, Shapeshifters Anonymous is an absolute must-read! For that matter, I recommend the whole Wolfsbane and Mistletoe anthology, although this was certainly the winner of the bunch.



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