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The world is over. The fight has just begun.


Alone Together

A look at the bleaker side of the series. Death, pain, despair, betrayal, sacrifice and impossible never gets any easier for the men and women of the colonial fleet. As they seek a new home in the aftermath of armageddon, this group of survivors struggles to keep from falling apart, suffering together, yet ultimately alone with their personal demons. (June 30th, 2009)

"The Only One" by Evanescence

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Destiny Kink

The twisted, complex "relationship" of Kara and Leoben, one always a prisoner of the other, alternately being tortured and psychologically abused by the other. It's badass soldier girl vs. manipulative, obsessive cylon in a bizarre back-and-forth power play that ultimately leads them exactly where they're destined to be. (June 17th, 2009)

"Pain" by Three Days Grace

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