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The ultimate human upgrade.


Six Hundred Million Dollar Man

An overview of this secret agent series about a geek turned super spy after a lab accident makes him the world's first computerized man. With enhanced hearing, agility, strength, speed and sight, instant celluar regeneration and the ability to wirelessly control electronics, the awkward techie becomes a hero, but being part digital makes him susceptible to the same dangers as any computer, including EMPs, data loss, viruses and hackers. With half a billion dollars of research inside of him, Jake suddenly finds himself government property and is forced to choose between being a lab rat or taking on dangerous missions that put him in a morally grey zone, while trying hard to hold on to who he used to be. (October 23rd, 2009)

"Thrown Away" by Vast

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The Wolfpack

Short promo for one of my favorite episodes, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, where Jake goes undercover with a brutal black ops team to recover a stolen nuclear device. This ep had some of the most interesting guest characters, was exciting start to finish and it was just plain fun to see Jake get into his role and go from geek to tough super soldier. (October 28th, 2009)

"Kiss My Drums" by X-Ray Dog

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