Thursday, 25 August 2016 06:58


Thought I'd take a break from Greeks and Romans to do some Norse mythology. So to start with, here's my rendition of the Jotun, Loki (a.k.a. the original crazy ginger). He's always been one of my favorite gods, in spite of the horrible things he does. This is just a quick test render, but I'm looking forward to using the character in some proper illustrations soon!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 18:21

The End of RuntimeDNA

It's a dark day, friends. RuntimeDNA has gone and sold out to DAZ!

Ever since I started doing my own 3D art about ten years ago, my main resources have been Renderosity, DAZ and RDNA. Yes, there are other tiny niche sites and solo vendors that are great, but for the most part, those are the three big stores, each with their own distinct flavors.

DAZ is the ultra commercial store, with sleek, expensive products that generally have a super mainstream look. Although in recent years it's become a DAZ powerhouse that focuses almost exclusively on the Genesis generations, I still buy their huge, sweeping environments (when I can afford them) and the occasional prop. It does get immensely frustrating that they don't offer email notifications, though, because on the rare occasions when wish list products that I'm desperate to buy go on sale, I never hear about it.

Renderosity caters to a more diverse userbse, with a heavy emphasis on cross-compatibility. Most of their products work with both Poser and DAZ, and the occasional Vue, Carrara or Blender products will pop up as well. They have an extensive freebies section, frequent sales, and an extremely intuitive wish list that offers email notifications every time something you want has been discounted (with details on when that discount will end).

RDNA, gods love it, is basically the quiet creative kid in the corner. Its store has a dark, gritty feel to it and is Poser-heavy, with a huge number of original products. The vendors there offer a range but there's no denying that the site is the best place to go for some of the most imaginative sci-fi and fantasy outfits and props on the market. Like Renderosity, it offers instant notifications when items you want are on sale, which is the only reason I now own Terradome2 and all of its add-ons.

With this merger, some vendors will be absorbed into the DAZ store and others will either move their products elsewhere or disappear altogether. Being melded into the corporate machine that DAZ has become means that the great customer service that RDNA offered will be no more. Say goodbye to new Poser products, the famous Deep Freeze, flash sales, email notifications and any sense of individual vendor personality. Poof! All gone now.

I'm sure that they got paid well for this, but it seems like little more than a random business transaction that's forcing together two extremely different communities and will all but wipe out RDNA's legacy. The only one benefiting is DAZ, who gets to squash one of its competing stores, especially one that features so much material and support for their big time Smith Micro competitor. Needless to say, this is an unfortunate turn of events and I guess we'll just have to wait and see what sort of impact it will have long-term.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015 19:00

Garden of the Gods

As everyone knows, I'm complete obsessed with Greek, Roman and Norse mythology, and classical paintings depicting it. So this time around, I tried to emulate that particular style of painting here. For various reasons (stupid sunbeams), this took me months to finish, but I'm thrilled with the results.

Tuesday, 07 October 2014 18:58

Saraband Is Burning

Synbios, Medion and Julian from the opening events of Shining Force III. Shining Force remains my all-time favorite tactical RPG series and, after YEARS of waiting, I've finally started the one game I never thought I'd play thanks to an English hack constructed by an amazing group of fans. SO WORTH THE WAIT.

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