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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 05:52


This is just ridiculous. Taye is completely in the right and I fully support his comments. The PC police getting bent out of shape over this are what's wrong with the state of "political correctness" these days. PC used to be about not being cruel, but at this stage, it's taken way too far and is used to whine about every little thing. Taye is 100% correct - we don't have a "black" president; we have a biracial president. His son is not black, he's biracial (I prefer bi/multiracial to "mixed" but whatever). How have we gotten to the point where wanting that to be acknowledged is a bad thing?? It's completely absurd. Diversity isn't black and white; it's about appreciating ALL aspects of EVERYONE.

Sunday, 15 November 2015 05:47

Indians Try American Snacks

"The fire wants to come out, but it just can't."

Laughing myself to tears here, my people are so damn funny.



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