Wednesday, 16 November 2016 02:57

Magnificat Fundraiser

PLEASE find it in your hearts to donate even a few dollars to a rescue that saves hundreds of beautiful cats from being murdered. Even better if you are willing to adopt or foster a cat, to save it from needless execution at the horrific city shelters. But at the very least, a small donation can help save lives! Humans are cruel and they've made the world a terrible place for non-humans. These sweet little babies need our help. They're kind, loving and have incredible personalities, but the shelters are killing them off by the dozens. Please support the rescues that pull them out of those terrible places and give them a chance at a happy life!



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I'm an enthusiastic writer and artist who spends too much time lost in her own imagination. I work as an editor and photographer and am obsessed with ancient mythology, space travel, and little glass and stone trinkets.

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